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Trancoso, Brazil

Trancoso Quadrado

A magical square of colorful shops and restaurants

One of the earliest settlements founded by the Portuguese in Brazil (1586), Trancoso is a village of incredible natural beauty. Its ideal year-round climate coupled with the intimacy and privacy of a small village offers the perfect escape for those seeking privacy, exotic location, and the best beaches in Brazil. Below the cliffs of the village, you will find many kilometers of unspoiled golden sand beaches bordered to the north and south by rivers.


Trancoso’s shopping Quadrado overlooking the ocean has many historical sites plus many small stores with local arts and crafts and superb dining.


At night the entire Quadrado is soft lighted and natives and vacationers alike can be found strolling under the moon and stars, frequenting the many local stores and dining in the many excellent restaurants of the area.


Yes…the area has become a bit more upscale. Beyonce has been here. So has Naomi Campbell, Matthew McConaughey, Gisele Bundchen,  Leonardo di Caprio, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Al and Tipper Gore.

Beyonce shot part of her Blue video in the town and her sister, Solange, spent her honeymoon here. Anderson Cooper is a regular of the area with a home nearby.

The New York Times posted an article about this new found hippie chic destination that tells the story.

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